Town Lake Capital operates in a unique way. The firm’s independence and size allows us to focus on investment performance without the conflicts of interest common to a larger organization. Our goal as investment managers is to spend our time researching ideas that we believe offer the highest total return opportunities and that will help towards achieving perpetual sustainability of client capital.

Research Intensive: Bottom-up Fundamental Research

We invest in inefficiently priced assets within each asset class using bottom-up research. We exploit our individual security selection expertise and perform extensive due diligence in an attempt to find mispriced assets. The securities we buy meet qualitative and quantitative criteria including management excellence, competitive characteristics and total return potential. Our appraisal methods are proprietary and are applied to each security and asset class.

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Alignment of Incentives: Investing Alongside Our Clients

The individuals at our firm invest alongside clients to further align our incentives. We do this not only to reassure investors of our best intentions but because we truly believe that our strategy gives us the best combination of diversification and total return potential.

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Fees: Minimal Fee Layers

Our implementation of the endowment model eliminates the layers of fees commonly paid by institutions to consultants, managers and mutual funds. We do the hard work of research and investment selection ourselves in an attempt to minimize fees and increase transparency to our clients. In certain instances we will use low-cost funds to augment the portfolio.

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